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IDashboardDataSource Properties

If implemented by a class, provides members related to a dashboard data source.
Name Description
CalculatedFields Provides access to a data source’s calculated fields.
Data Gets or sets the data object containing data source data.
DataProcessingMode Gets or sets the data processing mode for the current data source.
DataProvider Obsolete. For internal use.
Filter Gets or sets the logical expression to be applied to the data for filtering.
HasDataProvider Obsolete. Gets whether the DashboardSqlDataSource or DashboardOlapDataSource is used to supply the data source with data.
IsConnected Gets whether the connection to a data store is established.
IsServerModeSupported Gets whether the current data source supports server-side data processing.
OlapDataProvider Obsolete. Gets a data provider for an OLAP data source.
Parameters For internal use.
Site Gets or sets the ISite associated with the IComponent. Inherited from IComponent.
SqlDataProvider Obsolete. Gets a data provider for regular data sources.
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