Data Sources

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A data source collects underlying data and passes it to a data engine for aggregation and summarization before data analysis.

The following data source types are supported:

Type Description API
SQL Data Source Provides connections to SQL databases. DashboardSqlDataSource
OLAP Data Source Provides connections to an OLAP cube in the Microsoft Analysis Services database. DashboardOlapDataSource
Excel Data Source Retrieves data from Microsoft Excel workbooks (XLS, XLSX or XLSM), or from CSV files. DashboardExcelDataSource
Entity Framework Data Source You can connect to an Entity Framework data source defined within the current project or you can use an external assembly that contains the data context. DashboardEFDataSource
Object Data Source Retrieves data from a class in the current project. DashboardObjectDataSource
JSON Data Source Allows you to extract JSON data from a Web-service endpoint URI, text file, or a string in JSON format. DashboardJsonDataSource
XPO Data Source Allows you to obtain data that XPO (eXpress Persistent Object) retrieves from a data source. DashboardXpoDataSource
Extract Data Source A compressed snapshot of data from a regular data source. This data is contained in a local file and can be updated from the original data source at any time. You can also use an external SQL data source or Extract Data Source as an intermediate layer. DashboardExtractDataSource
Federation Data Source Establishes relationships and combines data sources to provide uniform access. A federated data source does not support OLAP data sources. DashboardFederationDataSource

Refer to Supported Data Sources for more information.


The DevExpress Dashboard uses database servers that can be configured to use case-sensitive table/column names. For this reason, a database scheme used in dashboards is case-sensitive to prevent any problem when the product is used with such servers.

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