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AbsoluteVariationNumericFormat Members

Contains format settings for numeric delta values expressed as absolute variations.


Name Description
AbsoluteVariationNumericFormat() Initializes a new instance of the AbsoluteVariationNumericFormat class.


Name Description
CurrencyCultureName Gets or sets the name of a culture that defines the currency symbol and format. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.
CustomFormatString Gets or sets a custom format string. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.
FormatType Gets or sets the format type for numeric values. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.
IncludeGroupSeparator Gets or sets whether separators should be inserted between digit groups. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.
Precision Gets or sets the number of fractional digits that should be displayed. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.
Unit Gets or sets the unit to which numeric values should be converted. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.


Name Description
BeginUpdate() Locks applying format settings until the DataItemNumericFormat.EndUpdate method call. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.
EndUpdate() Applies changes made to format settings after the DataItemNumericFormat.BeginUpdate method call and unlocks further updates. Inherited from DataItemNumericFormat.
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