ASPxClientGridView.MakeRowVisible(visibleIndex) Method

Scrolls the view to the specified row.


    visibleIndex: number
): void


Name Type Description
visibleIndex number

An integer value that identifies a row by its visible index.


The number of rows displayed on a page is specified by the ASPxGridViewPagerSettings.PageSize property. However, you can reduce the grid's height and enable vertical scrolling. To do this, enable the scroll bar via the ASPxGridSettings.VerticalScrollBarMode property and specify the height, using the ASPxGridSettings.VerticalScrollableHeight property.

The MakeRowVisible method allows you to scroll the grid to make the required row visible on screen. This can also be done on the server via the ASPxGridBase.ScrollToVisibleIndexOnClient method.

  • If virtual scrolling is enabled, the MakeRowVisible method is not in effect.
  • If endless paging is enabled, the MakeRowVisible method is in effect for uploaded rows only.
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