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ASPxClientGridView.GetColumn(columnIndex) Method

Returns the client column that resides at the specified position within the column collection.


GetColumn(columnIndex: number): ASPxClientGridViewColumn


Name Type Description
columnIndex number

A zero-based index that identifies the column within the column collection (the column's CollectionItem.Index property value).


Type Description

An ASPxClientGridViewColumn object that represents the client column.



The following example illustrates how to use the GetColumn method.

function gridInit(s, e) {
    var batchApi = grid.batchEditApi;
    var visibleIndices = batchApi.GetRowVisibleIndices();

    for (var i = 0; i < visibleIndices.length; i++) {
        var visibleIndex = visibleIndices[i];
        var rateColumn = grid.GetColumn(rateColumnIndex);
        var barColumn = grid.GetColumn(barColumnIndex);
        var barRowValue = batchApi.GetCellValue(visibleIndex, barColumn);
        var rowValue = batchApi.GetCellValue(visibleIndex, rateColumn);
        SetColValue(visibleIndex, rateColumn, rowValue);
        SetBarColValue(visibleIndex, barColumn, barRowValue);
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