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ASPxClientGridView.GetValuesOnCustomCallback(args, onCallback) Method

Sends a callback to the server and generates the server-side ASPxGridView.CustomDataCallback event.


    args: string,
    onCallback: ASPxClientGridViewValuesCallback
): void


Name Type Description
args string

Information that you need to send to the ASPxGridView.CustomDataCallback server-side event.

onCallback ASPxClientGridViewValuesCallback

A JavaScript function that receives the information on the client side.


Use the GetValuesOnCustomCallback method to asynchronously go to the server and implement required actions on the server side using AJAX-based callback technology.

The method’s args parameter allows you to pass information to the server as a string of arguments. When operations are complete, the GetValuesOnCustomCallback method posts back to the server and generates the ASPxGridView.CustomDataCallback server-side event. Use the event’s ASPxGridCustomCallbackEventArgs.Parameters property to receive the passed parameter.

Use the onCallback parameter to specify a client-side function to pass the resulting information (ASPxGridCustomDataCallbackEventArgs.Result) to the client side.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    function OnCategoryIDSelectedIndexChanged(s, e) {
        grid.GetValuesOnCustomCallback(s.GetValue(), OnGetValuesOnCustomCallbackComplete);
    function OnGetValuesOnCustomCallbackComplete(values) {
        // your code

<dx:ASPxGridView ID="ASPxGridView1" runat="server" ClientInstanceName="grid"
    OnCustomDataCallback="ASPxGridView1_CustomDataCallback" >
            <dx:ASPxGridView ID="ASPxGridView2" ClientInstanceName="detailGrid" >
                    <dx:GridViewDataComboBoxColumn FieldName="CategoryID" ...>
                            <ClientSideEvents SelectedIndexChanged="OnCategoryIDSelectedIndexChanged" />
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