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ASPxClientGridView.MoveColumn(column) Method

Moves the specified column to the specified visual position within the grid and optionally groups or ungroups the grid's data by this column.


MoveColumn(column: ASPxClientGridViewColumn | number | string, moveToColumnVisibleIndex?: number, moveBefore?: boolean | ASPxClientGridColumnMovingTargetPosition, moveToGroup?: boolean, moveFromGroup?: boolean): void


Name Type Description
column ASPxClientGridViewColumn | number | string

An ASPxClientGridViewColumn object that represents the column to move.

Optional Parameters

Name Type Default Description
moveToColumnVisibleIndex number null

An integer value that identifies the target column displayed within the grid.

moveBefore boolean | ASPxClientGridColumnMovingTargetPosition null

true to move the column before the target column; otherwise, false.

moveToGroup boolean null

true to group the grid's data by the column; otherwise, false.

moveFromGroup boolean null

true to ungroup the grid's data by the column; otherwise, false.

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