Virtual Scrolling

  • 2 minutes to read

By default, the vertical scrollbar operates in the standard way: it scrolls data rows displayed within the current page. A Virtual paging mode allows end-users to navigate through grid pages using a vertical scroll bar. In this mode, the vertical scroll bar can be used with or without the built-in pager to dynamically load the requested page data via callbacks. If the pager is used, ASPxGridView automatically switches to the required page.

To enable this functionality, set the ASPxGridViewSettings.VerticalScrollBarStyle property to one of the following values.

  • VirtualSmooth - When a scroll button is clicked, the ASPxGridView smoothly scrolls data.
  • Virtual - When a scroll button is clicked, the ASPxGridView switches to the next/previous page.



When virtual scrolling is turned on and row focusing is enabled (ASPxGridViewBehaviorSettings.AllowFocusedRow is set to true), the first row is always focused between callbacks.


For virtual scrolling to work properly, the following rules should be observed.