ASPxClientGridView.DeleteRowByKey(key) Method

Deletes a row with the specified key value.


    key: any
): void


Name Type Description
key any

An object that uniquely identifies the row.


Once the DeleteRowByKey method is called, the ASPxGridView.RowDeleting event is raised. It allows you to cancel the delete operation. After a row has been deleted, the ASPxGridView.RowDeleted event is raised.

End-users can delete rows by clicking the Delete command.


This example demonstrates how to use the GetSelectedKeysOnPage and GetVisibleRowsOnPage methods to prevent a user from deleting all rows on a single grid page (if editing logic requires it). To do this, you can compare the array length of keys obtained through the client GetSelectedKeysOnPage method (returns keys only on a visible page) and the number of rows on a page obtained through the clientGetVisibleRowsOnPage method.

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function DeleteSelectedRows(s, e) {
    var keys = GridView.GetSelectedKeysOnPage();
    var rowsCount = GridView.GetVisibleRowsOnPage();
    if (keys.length == rowsCount) {
        alert('You cannot delete all rows on a page!');
    } else {
        if (confirm('Are you sure you want to delete rows with keys: [' + keys.toString() + ']')) {
            alert('Data editing is not allowed in this demo!');
            keys.forEach(function (key, index) {
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