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GridOptionsBehavior Properties

Provides behavior options for Grid Views.
Name Description
AlignGroupSummaryInGroupRow Gets or sets whether to forcibly move group footer summaries (which reside in group footers) to positions in group rows under corresponding column headers. Group footers will be hidden as a result. This feature is supported for the GridView.
AllowAddRows Gets or sets whether the Data Navigator‘s Append button is enabled for the current View. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
AllowDeleteRows Gets or sets whether the Data Navigator‘s Delete button is enabled for the current View. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
AllowFixedGroups Gets or sets whether the top visible group row is always displayed when scrolling through grouped data.
AllowGroupExpandAnimation Gets or sets whether groups are expanded/collapsed using an animation effect.
AllowIncrementalSearch Gets or sets a value specifying whether end-users can locate rows by typing the desired column value.
AllowOnlyOneMasterRowExpanded Obsolete. Gets or sets a value specifying whether several master rows can be expanded simultaneously.
AllowPartialGroups Gets or sets whether to hide group rows if they contain only a single data row.
AllowPartialRedrawOnScrolling Gets or sets whether a View repaints only new portions of its surface when a user scrolls through Grid records.
AllowPixelScrolling Gets or sets whether smooth pixel-based vertical scrolling is enabled for rows.
AllowSortAnimation Gets or sets whether a smooth animation is used when sorting the data.
AllowValidationErrors Gets or sets whether validation errors (icon and description) are allowed to be displayed when a cell or entire row is not valid.
AutoExpandAllGroups Gets or sets whether all the groups within the View are automatically expanded.
AutoPopulateColumns Gets or sets whether to create columns automatically for all fields in the underlying data source (when binding the grid and if the View doesn’t contain any columns). When bound to a data source, the grid does not generate columns for properties of collection types. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
AutoSelectAllInEditor Gets or sets whether activating a cell editor using the ENTER or F2 keys leads to the entire editor’s content being selected. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
AutoUpdateTotalSummary Gets or sets whether total summaries are automatically updated to reflect changes in column values.
CacheValuesOnRowUpdating Gets or sets whether the grid caches data for a row that is about to be saved to a data source. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
CopyToClipboardWithColumnHeaders Obsolete. Gets or sets whether column captions are copied to the Clipboard, when CTRL+C is pressed or the BaseView.CopyToClipboard method is called.
Editable Gets or sets whether end-users are allowed to edit data (using in-place cell editors and Edit Forms). Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
EditingMode Gets or sets the mode in which a data record can be edited - inplace or via a dedicated inline or popup Edit Form.
EditorShowMode Gets or sets a value which specifies how a cell editor is activated by the mouse. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
FocusLeaveOnTab Gets or sets whether pressing the TAB key moves focus to the next control in the tab order, if moving focus via the TAB key within the View is prohibited (or cannot be performed). Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
HyperlinkClickMode Gets or sets whether and how hyperlinks in column and band headers are activated.
ImmediateUpdateRowPosition Gets or sets whether a row’s position is immediately updated according to the current sorting, grouping and filtering settings after the row’s modified data has been posted. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
KeepFocusedRowOnUpdate Gets or sets whether the currently focused row retains focus when data is sorted, grouped or filtered or when records are added to/removed from the underlying data source. Disabling this property is in effect when the data source is not managed by the CurrencyManager (see ColumnView.DisableCurrencyManager). Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
KeepGroupExpandedOnSorting Gets or sets a value specifying whether the group rows’ expanded state is preserved when applying data sorting.
ReadOnly Gets or sets whether the current View is read-only. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
ShowAllTableValuesInFilterPopup Obsolete. Gets or sets whether the filter dropdowns should contain unique values from all the records in the View’s data source or only from those records that meet the current filter criteria. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
ShowEditorOnMouseUp Obsolete. Gets or sets whether a cell’s editor is activated when the mouse button is released from a click within the cell. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
SmartVertScrollBar Gets or sets a value specifying whether scrolling the View to the bottom places the last row at the top of the View.
SummariesIgnoreNullValues Gets or sets whether the Data Grid ignores null values when it calculates summaries. This option is not applied to summaries of the COUNT type.
UnboundColumnExpressionEditorMode Gets or sets the type of unbound expression editor that end-users can utilize to modify expressions for unbound columns owned by this View. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
UseNewCustomFilterDialog Obsolete. Gets or sets whether the advanced custom filter dialog is used instead of the standard one. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsBehavior.
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