ToolTipItem Properties

Represents a region in a super tooltip.
Name Description
AllowHtmlText Gets or sets whether HTML formatting is allowed for the item's text (ToolTipItem.Text).
DefaultImageToTextDistance static Gets the default ToolTipItem.ImageToTextDistance property value.
Font Gets or sets the font used to paint the item's text.
Icon Gets or sets the icon displayed in the ToolTipItem object.
Image Gets or sets the image displayed in this tooltip region.
ImageAlign Gets or sets the image or icon alignment.
ImageIndex Gets or sets the index of the image in the Images collection.
ImageOptions Provides access to properties that allow you to assign and customize an image for this tooltip item.
Images Gets or sets the collection of images that can be displayed in this tooltip region.
ImageToTextDistance Gets or sets the distance between the image and text in this tooltip region.
IsEmpty Gets whether the ToolTipItem is empty.
LeftIndent Gets or sets the indent from the left edge of a ToolTipItem.
MaxWidth This member supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
OwnerAllowHtmlText Gets whether the SuperToolTip object (the ToolTipItem owner) allows using HTML tags.
Text Gets or sets the tooltip item text.
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