ToolTipControllerShowEventArgs.ToolTipImage Property

Gets or sets the image to display within the current tooltip.

Namespace: DevExpress.Utils

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v21.1.dll


public Image ToolTipImage { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

An Image object that specifies the image to display within the current tooltip.


Use the ToolTipImage property to specify a custom image to be displayed in the current tooltip.

If you need to display images in tooltips that are stored in an external image list (an ImageCollection or ImageList), you can handle the ToolTipController.BeforeShow event as follows. Assign the required image list to the ToolTipController.ImageList property, or while handling the ToolTipController.BeforeShow event to the ToolTipControllerShowEventArgs.ImageList parameter. Then, use the ToolTipControllerShowEventArgs.ImageIndex parameter to specify the index of the image to be displayed in the currently processed tooltip.

In addition to custom images, you can display predefined icons in tooltips. Use the ToolTipControllerShowEventArgs.IconType property to specify the type of icon to be displayed.

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