Radar Diagram

Radar Diagram

The Radar diagram is used to display data as a circular graph. The Radar diagram is drawn on a circular grid and has multiple axes along which data can be plotted.

Diagram types of this category are used to plot Radar series.


The table below lists the main properties that affect the element's appearance and functionality.

Feature Value
Diagram class RadarDiagram2D
Axes accessibility RadarDiagram2D.AxisX and RadarDiagram2D.AxisY
Properties to customize diagram appearance Diagram.Foreground, CircularDiagram2D.DomainBrush, CircularDiagram2D.ShapeStyle, CircularDiagram2D.RotationDirection, CircularDiagram2D.StartAngle, CircularDiagram2D.LabelsResolveOverlappingMinIndent
Compatible series types Radar Series

For information about diagram types, refer to the Diagram Fundamentals document.