DataDashboardItem Properties

Serves as the base class for data-bound dashboard items.
Name Description
ComponentName Gets or sets the component name of the dashboard item.
(Inherited from DashboardItem)
Dashboard Gets a dashboard that owns this dashboard item.
(Inherited from DashboardItem)
DataItemRepository For internal use.
DataMember Gets or sets a specific data member in a dashboard data source to which the dashboard item is bound.
DataSource Gets or sets a data source to which the dashboard item is bound.
FilterCriteria Obsolete. Gets or sets the filter criteria applied to this dashboard item.
FilterString Gets or sets the criteria string used to filter data displayed within the current dashboard item.
Group Gets or sets a parent group for the current dashboard item.
(Inherited from DashboardItem)
HiddenDimensions Gets a collection of hidden dimensions.
HiddenMeasures Gets a collection of hidden measures.
IgnoreMasterFilters Obsolete. Gets or sets whether this dashboard item ignores filtering applied by master filters.
IsDataReduced Obsolete. Gets whether this dashboard item displays only a part of its data in order to retain performance.
IsDisposed Gets a value indicating whether a dashboard item has been disposed of.
(Inherited from DashboardItem)
IsMasterFilterCrossDataSource Gets or sets whether filtering applied by this master filter affects dashboard items that display data from other data sources.
Name Gets or sets the name of the dashboard item, displayed in its caption.
(Inherited from DashboardItem)
ParentContainer Gets or sets the dashboard item container (a group or a tab page) that stores the current item.
(Inherited from DashboardItem)
ShowCaption Gets or sets whether the dashboard item's caption is displayed.
(Inherited from DashboardItem)
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