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Dashboard Events

Contains the full description of a dashboard used to visualize data.
Name Description
ConfigureDataConnection Allows you to customize connection settings before the connection to a data store (database, OLAP cube, etc.) is established.
ConnectionError Allows users to override the default behavior if data store connection fails with current connection parameters.
CustomAssemblyLoading Occurs before a custom assembly is loaded for use as a DashboardEFDataSource.
CustomFilterExpression Allows you to include WHERE clauses into DashboardSqlDataSource queries.
CustomParameters Occurs before data is loaded from the data store and allows you to customize dashboard parameters that are used for data processing.
DashboardLoading Occurs when the Dashboard Designer or Dashboard Viewer loads a dashboard.
DataLoading Allows you to provide data for the DashboardObjectDataSource.
DataLoadingError Allows you to suppress the form containing errors that occur during data loading.
DataSourceCollectionChanged Occurs after the collection of data sources has been changed.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
GroupCollectionChanged Occurs after the collection of dashboard item groups is changed.
ItemCollectionChanged Occurs after the collection of dashboard items has been changed.
OptionsChanged Occurs after any option in the current Dashboard is changed.
ParameterCollectionChanged Occurs after the collection of dashboard parameters has been changed.
ValidateCustomSqlQuery Provides the capability to check the validity of the custom SQL query used to supply the dashboard with data.
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