ColorSchemeDimensionKey(DimensionDefinition, Object) Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the ColorSchemeDimensionKey class.

Namespace: DevExpress.DashboardCommon

Assembly: DevExpress.Dashboard.v21.1.Core.dll


public ColorSchemeDimensionKey(
    DimensionDefinition dimensionDefinition,
    object value


Name Type Description
dimensionDefinition DimensionDefinition

A DimensionDefinition object that specifies a dimension definition. This values is assigned to the ColorSchemeDimensionKey.DimensionDefinition property.

value Object

A dimension value. This value is assigned to the ColorSchemeDimensionKey.Value property.


Use the Dimension.GetDimensionDefinition method to obtain the dimension definition and pass the returned object to the ColorSchemeDimensionKey constructor.

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