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ASPxClientFileManager.FilesUploading Event

Fires on the client side before the selected items are uploaded and allows you to cancel the action.


FilesUploading: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientFileManagerFilesUploadingEventHandler<ASPxClientFileManager>>

Event Data

The FilesUploading event's data class is ASPxClientFileManagerFilesUploadingEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
cancel Gets or sets a value indicating whether the action which raised the event should be canceled.
fileNames Gets the names of files selected for upload.
folder Gets the path to the folder where files are being uploaded.


Each time files are going to be uploaded on the client side, the FilesUploading event occurs, allowing you to cancel the action.

You can use the event parameter’s properties to identify uploaded file names (ASPxClientFileManagerFilesUploadingEventArgs.fileNames) or the folder, where the files will be uploaded (ASPxClientFileManagerFilesUploadingEventArgs.folder).

To cancel the upload operation, set the ASPxClientFileManagerFilesUploadingEventArgs.cancel property to true.

After the files have been uploaded, the ASPxClientFileManager.FilesUploaded event is raised.

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