ASPxClientFileManager.ItemDeleted Event

Occurs on the client side after a file manager's item has been deleted.


ItemDeleted: ASPxClientEvent<ASPxClientFileManagerItemDeletedEventHandler<ASPxClientFileManager>>

Event Data

The ItemDeleted event's data class is ASPxClientFileManagerItemDeletedEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
fullName Gets the full name of the item currently being processed. Inherited from ASPxClientFileManagerActionEventArgsBase.
isFolder Gets a value specifying whether the current processed item is a folder. Inherited from ASPxClientFileManagerActionEventArgsBase.
name Gets the name of the currently processed item. Inherited from ASPxClientFileManagerActionEventArgsBase.


The ItemDeleted event serves as a notification that a file manager's item has been deleted. You can use the event parameter's properties to identify a name ( or a full name (ASPxClientFileManagerActionEventArgsBase.fullName) of the deleted item. The ASPxClientFileManagerActionEventArgsBase.isFolder property indicates the type of the item: file or folder.

To specify whether an item can be deleted, and cancel the action, handle the ASPxClientFileManager.ItemDeleting event.

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