PivotGridControl.ExpandValueAsync(Boolean, Object[]) Method

Expands the specified column or row asynchronously.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraPivotGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraPivotGrid.v21.2.dll


public Task<bool> ExpandValueAsync(
    bool isColumn,
    object[] values


Name Type Description
isColumn Boolean

true to expand a column; false to expand a row.

values Object[]

An array of field values that identify the column/row to be expanded.




The ExpandValueAsync method is asynchronous. It starts executing the related operation in a background thread, and immediately returns control. The primary UI thread is not blocked, allowing the application to continue responding to end-user actions. For more information about the asynchronous mode, see Asynchronous Mode.

If you need to perform specific actions after this operation is completed, use another overload of the ExpandValueAsync method that takes the asyncCompleted parameter, and pass a delegate that performs the required actions as this parameter.

Consider the following PivotGrid control:


To expand the “Austria” column (within the “Alice Mutton” column), use the following code:

pivotGridControl1.ExpandValueAsync(true, new object[] {"Alice Mutton", "Austria"});

The result of this operation is shown below:


To expand a column or row synchronously, use the PivotGridControl.ExpandValue method.

To collapse a column or row, use the PivotGridControl.CollapseValueAsync (asynchronous) or PivotGridControl.CollapseValue (synchronous) method.

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