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Task Link in the Gantt View

A Gantt diagram can display dependency relationships between activities (in other words, task relations). These relations are implemented as instances of the TaskLink class.

A task link is a relation between a parent point and child points. The dependency type is defined by the TaskLinkType enumeration member and can be specified by the TaskLink.LinkType property. These types are: Finish to Start (the most common), Finish to Finish, Start to Finish and Start to Start. Their appearance in a chart specifies the order in which tasks should begin and end.


The task link is displayed as a line, connecting the terminal points of task bars, with an arrowhead pointed to a bar, denoted as a “parent bar”.

The TaskLinkOptions object specifies drawing parameters, (i.e. Color, line Thickness, arrowhead’s ArrowHeight and ArrowWidth) minimal distance between the line and the bars it connects (MinIndent) and line visibility (Visible).

The table below lists the main properties which affect the element’s appearance and functionality:

Link Type



TaskLinkOptions.Color, TaskLinkOptions.ColorSource

Line Thickness


Arrowhead Length


Arrowhead Width


Line Indentation




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