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Secondary Axis

Secondary axes are useful when it is necessary to visually combine several charts into one - for demonstration purposes, or to show similarities in data sets with clarity. Secondary axes provide the ability to plot series with different ranges and types of scale on the same chart.


With the WinForms Chart Control, you have the capability to add an unlimited number of secondary X and Y axes to the chart. They are the elements of the corresponding collections, and are treated separately from the primary axes. Each series can have only one X-axis and one Y-axis assigned - either primary or secondary. A secondary axis allows you to access and customize the same set of chart elements that a primary axis has. For more detailed information, refer to Primary and Secondary Axes.

The table below lists the main properties which affect the element’s appearance and functionality:


The XYDiagram.SecondaryAxesX or XYDiagram.SecondaryAxesY property of a chart control’s diagram object.


Axis2D.Color, AxisBase.Interlaced, AxisBase.InterlacedColor, Axis2D.InterlacedFillStyle, Axis2D.Thickness


Axis2D.Alignment, Axis.Reverse



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