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Legend Check Box

Legend checkboxes allow you to manage the visibility of series, indicators, strips, and constant lines. Set the Legend.MarkerMode property to CheckBox, MarkerAndCheckBox or CheckBoxAndMarker to show checkboxes in the legend. Refer to the Legend Items topic (see the Legend Check Boxes section) for more information.

Legend Checkboxes


Note that checkboxes for series points are not available. Configure the Series.FilterCriteria (FilterString) property to hide specific points.

The table below lists the main properties that affect the element’s functionality:


Legend.MarkerMode, ConstantLine.CheckableInLegend, Indicator.CheckableInLegend, SeriesBase.CheckableInLegend, Strip.CheckableInLegend


ConstantLine.CheckedInLegend, Indicator.CheckedInLegend, SeriesBase.CheckedInLegend, Strip.CheckedInLegend

Customization Event


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