PivotSerializationOptions Fields

Contains options that control how the PivotGridControl’s layout is saved to and restored from a data store (an XML file or stream).
Name Description
AddNewFieldsProperty static Identifies the PivotSerializationOptions.AddNewFields attached property.
AddNewGroupsProperty static Identifies the PivotSerializationOptions.AddNewGroups attached property.
AppearanceID For internal use.
DataSettingsID For internal use.
LayoutID For internal use.
PrintSettingsID For internal use.
RemoveOldFieldsProperty static Identifies the PivotSerializationOptions.RemoveOldFields attached property.
StoreAlwaysID For internal use.
StoreLayoutModeProperty static Identifies the PivotSerializationOptions.StoreLayoutMode attached property.
VisualOptionsID For internal use.
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