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PivotGridControl.Print() Method

Invokes the Print dialog and prints the pivot grid.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.PivotGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.PivotGrid.v22.1.dll


public void Print()


This method displays the standard Print dialog that allows an end-user to print the pivot grid, select the printer (if required), specify the range of pages to print, the number of copies, etc. To print the pivot grid immediately, without invoking any dialogs, use the PivotGridControl.PrintDirect method instead.

To display the Print Preview of the pivot grid, use the PivotGridControl.ShowPrintPreview and PivotGridControl.ShowPrintPreviewDialog methods. To export the pivot grid, use the appropriate ExportTo~ method (e.g. PivotGridControl.ExportToHtml, PivotGridControl.ExportToPdf, etc.)


The pivot grid can be previewed, printed and exported only if the DXPrinting Library is available.

To learn more, see Printing and Exporting.

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