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WinExplorerViewOptionsView Properties

Provides members that manage common WinExplorerView options.
Name Description
AllowHtmlText Gets or sets whether WinExplorer View item text and description strings can be formatted via HTML tags.
AnimationType Gets or sets the animation mode, which identifies cells for which animation is enabled. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsView.
ContentHorizontalAlignment Gets or sets the horizontal alignment for the WinExplorerView content.
DrawCheckedItemsAsSelected Gets or sets whether items checked via check boxes are automatically selected.
FilterCriteriaDisplayStyle Gets or sets the display style of filter conditions in the Filter Panel and built-in Filter Editor. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsView.
ImageLayoutMode Gets or sets the WinExplorer View item image layout mode.
ItemHoverBordersShowMode Gets or sets how hovered WinExplorer View‘s items should display their borders.
ScrollVisibility Gets or sets whether scroll bars within this WinExplorer View should be displayed.
ShowButtonMode An overload for the ColumnViewOptionsView.ShowButtonMode property, not supported in WinExplorer View.
ShowCheckBoxes Gets or sets whether check boxes within this WinExplorer View are displayed.
ShowCheckBoxInGroupCaption Gets or sets whether groups within this WinExplorerView should display check boxes in their caption area.
ShowDropMark Gets or sets whether or not the WinExplorerViewOptionsView should highlight the item drop position.
ShowExpandCollapseButtons Gets or sets whether the group expand/collapse button should be displayed.
ShowFilterPanel Obsolete. Gets or sets whether the filter panel is displayed when data filtering is applied. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsView.
ShowFilterPanelMode An overload for the ColumnViewOptionsView.ShowFilterPanelMode property, not supported in WinExplorer View.
ShowViewCaption Gets or sets whether the View Caption is displayed above the View. Inherited from ColumnViewOptionsView.
Style Gets or sets the current WinExplorer View style.
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