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Editing Permissions Dialog

The Editing Permissions dialog enables end-users to select a user or group of users to be allowed to edit a particular part of a document.


End-users can invoke these dialogs by clicking Protect Document or Unprotect Document on the Review ribbon tab. Refer to the How to: Create the RichEditControl with a Ribbon UI topic for details on how to provide the ribbon UI for the RichEditControl. Executing the ShowRangeEditingPermissionsFormCommand command invokes the dialogs as well.


User names displayed in the dialog are supplied by the IUserListService service and the list of user groups is obtained from IUserGroupListService. The collection of ranges with permissions is obtained via the SubDocument.BeginUpdateRangePermissions method. For more information, see Range Permissions and Restrictions and Protection.


The Editing Permissions dialog can be invoked if the document protection is stopped.

To customize the default Editing Permissions dialog or substitute it with completely new dialog, handle the RichEditControl.RangeEditingPermissionsFormShowing event. To get an example of the dialog replacement, refer to the How to: Customize the Search Form or How to: Customize the Hyperlink Form document.