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Font Dialog

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The Font dialog enables users to specify different font settings: character size, style, color, etc.

Users can click the Font group’s dialog box launcher on the Home ribbon tab to invoke the Font dialog. Refer to the How to: Create the RichEditControl with a Ribbon UI topic for details on how to provide the Ribbon UI for the RichEditControl.


You can also press CTRL+D or use the context menu item to invoke this dialog.


The dialog ships with the following tabs:



Options under this tab allow users to change the font name, size and style, enable underline and font effects.

The following API allows you to specify the Font options in code:


Use the SubDocument.BeginUpdateCharacters and SubDocument.EndUpdateCharacters pair of methods to access the CharacterProperties members and modify character properties in code.

API Description
CharacterPropertiesBase.FontName Gets or sets the font name.
CharacterPropertiesBase.FontSize Specifies the font size.
Specify the font style.
CharacterPropertiesBase.ForeColor Gets or sets the font color
CharacterPropertiesBase.Underline Specifies the underline type.
CharacterPropertiesBase.UnderlineColor Specifies the underline color.
CharacterPropertiesBase.Strikeout Gets or sets the strikeout type.
CharacterPropertiesBase.Subscript Gets or sets whether characters are subscript.
CharacterPropertiesBase.Superscript Gets or sets whether characters are superscript.
CharacterPropertiesBase.AllCaps Gets or sets whether characters are capital letters.
CharacterPropertiesBase.Hidden Specifies whether characters are hidden.



Options under this tab allow users to change character spacing options: scale percentage, spacing between characters, position and kerning.

The table below lists API you can use to specify Advanced options:

API Description
CharacterPropertiesBase.Scale Gets or sets the characters’ scaling percentage.
CharacterPropertiesBase.Spacing Specifies the spacing between characters.
CharacterPropertiesBase.Position Gets or sets the characters’ position relative to the base line.
CharacterPropertiesBase.KerningThreshold Specifies the minimum font size for which the kerning is adjusted automatically.
CharacterPropertiesBase.SnapToGrid Gets or sets whether to snap characters to a grid when the grid is defined.

Invoke the Dialog in Code

Execute the ShowFontFormCommand command to invoke the Font dialog.

Handle the RichEditControl.FontFormShowing event to customize the Font dialog (modify captions, set default dialog values, implement custom validation, etc.) or substitute it with completely new dialog.