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Object Dialog

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The Object dialog allows users to create a new OLE object from a file.

Rich Text Editor - Insert OLE Object Dialog

Click the Object button on the Insert tab to invoke this dialog. Refer to the following help topic for details on how to add a ribbon to the Rich Text Editor: How to Create a RichEditControl with a Ribbon UI.

Rich Text Editor - Insert OLE Object Button

The following options exist in the dialog:

  • File - Allows a user to select a file associated with a new OLE object.

  • Object type - Lists all available object types. Here a user can select the type of the created object.

  • Image Picker - Allows a user to load an image or icon for the OLE object. Right-click the editor and click Load to select a picture file. If a custom picture is not loaded, the Rich Text Editor displays the default image/icon.

  • Display as icon - A user can select this check box to display the OLE object as an icon rather than an image.

  • Link to file - A user can select this check box to create the object that stores a link to the selected file.

For detailed information on how to insert OLE objects in code, refer to this help topic: OLE Objects.

Handle the RichEditControl.InsertObjectFormShowing event to customize the Object dialog or replace it with your own dialog.

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