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Year View

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The Year View displays appointments for the entire year in a customizable number of months.

Schudeler - Year View

To enable the Year View, set the SchedulerControl.ActiveViewType property to Year. To specify the view, use the SchedulerControl.YearView property. This property returns a YearView object.


Run the following demo to see the view in action: Year View module in the XtraScheduler MainDemo. To view source code, click Open Solution in the ribbon.

The following options customize the view:

Member Name Description
MonthCount Gets or sets the number of months that are displayed in the Year View.
Start Gets or sets the first date of the time interval displayed by the scheduler view.
AppointmentDisplayOptions Contains options that specify how appointments are displayed in the Year View.
Appearance Contains appearance settings for the view’s visual elements.
SelectedInterval Gets the time interval currently selected in the scheduler’s active view by an end-user.
GetVisibleIntervals() Returns a copy of the visible time interval collection for the current view.
SetVisibleIntervals(TimeIntervalCollection) Fills the visible time interval collection with new items.

The following table contains events used to customize the view:

Event Name Description
CustomDrawTimeCell Use this event to draw Time Cells.
CustomDrawNavigationButton Use this event to draw Navigation Buttons.
CustomDrawDayOfWeekHeader Use this event to draw Day of Week Headers.
CustomDrawWeekViewTopLeftCorner Use this event to draw a square area in the upper-left corner of the view.

The table below contains services used to customize the view. Services is a design pattern that separates the implementation of a feature from the control.

Service Description
HeaderCaptionService Use this service to format header captions.
HeaderToolTipService Use this service to specify custom tooltips for day headers.