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Agenda View

The Agenda View is a chronological list of appointments grouped by day. The view is implemented by the AgendaView class, accessible with the SchedulerControl.AgendaView property. To show the view, set the SchedulerControl.ActiveViewType property to the SchedulerViewType.Agenda type.

The following image demonstrates the SchedulerControl displaying the Agenda View.


The table below lists the main properties of the AgendaView class which implement its basic functionality.

Member Name Description
AgendaView.Appearance Provides access to the properties that control the appearance of the AgendaView‘s elements.
AgendaView.AppointmentDisplayOptions Provides access to options that enable you to show or hide certain view elements.
AgendaViewAppointmentDisplayOptions.ShowLabel Gets or sets whether the colored circle indicating the appointment label is shown.
AgendaViewAppointmentDisplayOptions.ShowResource Gets or sets whether to display appointment’s resource captions in the Agenda view.
AgendaViewAppointmentDisplayOptions.SubjectAreaHeight Gets or sets the height of an area used to display an appointment subject.
AgendaViewAppointmentDisplayOptions.AllowMultiLineSubject An option that allows multiline display of an appointment subject text.
AppointmentDisplayOptions.StatusDisplayType Specifies whether the appointment status is displayed as a color bar on the left of the row (AppointmentStatusDisplayType.Bounds, AppointmentStatusDisplayType.Time) or not (AppointmentStatusDisplayType.Never).
AgendaView.DayCount Gets or sets the number of days displayed in the view.