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Multiple Row Selection using Built-In Check Column and Selection Binding

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The GridView, BandedGridView, and AdvBandedGridView views support multiple row selection using a built-in Check column. When this feature is enabled, end users can use checkboxes to toggle the selection state of certain rows, all rows, or data group rows.


Demo: Web Style Row Selection module in the XtraGrid MainDemo

Enable Built-In Check Column

To enable row selection with the built-in Check column, set the properties as follows:

gridView1.OptionsSelection.MultiSelect = true
gridView1.OptionsSelection.MultiSelectMode = GridMultiSelectMode.CheckBoxRowSelect

Check Column Specifics

Check Box in Column Header


The checkbox in the Check column header allows you to select/deselect all grid rows. Use the GridOptionsSelection.ShowCheckBoxSelectorInColumnHeader property to hide this checkbox.

Check Boxes in Group Rows

Group rows can also contain checkboxes if the GridOptionsSelection.ShowCheckBoxSelectorInGroupRow property value is True. These checkboxes switch the selection states of rows that belong to specific groups.


Sync Selection with Data Source

Specify the GridOptionsSelection.CheckBoxSelectorField property to bind the Check column to a field in the bound data source. When you change a row’s selection state (using the Check column or in code), the grid automatically updates the specified data source field.

The Check column’s bound mode has the following advantages — in contrast to the default (unbound) mode:


In Check column bound mode, multiple row selection may lead to performance issues due to excessive data source updates. For instance, this may occur when clicking the check box embedded in the Check column’s header for a grid bound to a large data source. Disable the GridOptionsSelection.ShowCheckBoxSelectorInColumnHeader property for large data sources, or alternatively, use the Check column in unbound mode.

Checkboxes in Print/Export Documents

The GridOptionsSelection.ShowCheckBoxSelectorInPrintExport property specifies the Check column’s visibility in printed/exported documents.


Methods to Work with Selected Rows

Handle the ColumnView.SelectionChanged event to perform actions when the selection is changed.

See the following topic to learn about the methods used to select rows in code, retrieve and delete the selected rows, or copy them to the Clipboard: Multiple Row and Cell Selection.

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