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Animate Series Points

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This topic explains how to animate series points and customize their animation settings for both 2D and 3D chart types.

Series Points Animation in 2D Charts

Series points can be animated using either built-in or custom animation effects.

If you wish to apply the built-in animation effect to chart elements (Series and/or Series Points, depending on a given series), specify the chart animation mode using the ChartControl.AnimationMode property.


To obtain the list of all animations that are available for a given series, use the Series.GetPredefinedSeriesAnimationKinds and Series.GetPredefinedPointAnimationKinds methods.

To specify custom animation for series points, assign an animation effect to the PointAnimation property of the series (e.g., AreaSeries2D.PointAnimation).

The image below shows the CircularMarkerWidenAnimation effect for the PolarLineSeries2D chart.



The following tutorial shows how to animate a chart’s series points.

The table below lists properties that can be used to customize the animation effect for series points.

Member Description
SeriesPointAnimationBase.PointDelay Specifies the delay sustained when animating the series points. This is a dependency property.
SeriesPointAnimationBase.PointOrder Defines the order in which series points are animated. This is a dependency property.
AnimationBase.BeginTime Specifies the time when the animation is started. This is a dependency property.
AnimationBase.Duration Specifies the duration of the animation. This is a dependency property.
AnimationBase.EasingFunction Specifies the easing function for the animation. This is a dependency property.

Series Points Animation in 3D Charts

3D Chart types support the animation of its series points.


To animate a 3D chart’s series points, do the following:


The following example shows how to animate a series point’s argument and value.

To customize the animation effect for both the series and its series points, use the following properties:

Member Description
ChartControl.AnimationRecords Provides access to a collection of animation records within a chart.
Diagram3DAnimation.Actions Specifies which parameters of the Diagram3D object should be animated. This is a dependency property.
ChartAnimationRecord.Progress Gets or sets a progress value of the current animation record.
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