Price Indicators

The Chart control allows you to add Price indicators to a financial chart.


This document consists of the following sections:

Available Price Indicators

The following table represents the available Price indicators with formulas that are used to calculate indicator values:

Price indicator Class Formula
Median Price MedianPrice MedianPriceFormula
Weighted Close WeightedClose WeightedPriceFormula
Typical Price TypicalPrice TypicalPriceFormula

In formulas, High, Low, Close are values of a financial series point.

How to Add a Price Indicator to a Chart

Use the following code to add the Median Price indicator to the series collection of indicators:

<dxc:StockSeries2D DisplayName="Series">
          <dxc:MedianPrice LegendText="Median Price" 

The following classes and properties are used in this code:

Class or Property Description
XYSeries2D.Indicators The series collection of indicators.
MedianPrice The Median Price indicator.
Indicator.ShowInLegend Specifies whether to show the indicator in a legend.
Indicator.LegendText Specifies text that identifies the indicator in a legend.
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