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TcxCustomCanvas.DrawComplexFrame(TRect,TColor,TColor,TcxBorders,Integer) Method

Draws a two-colored rectangular outline.


procedure DrawComplexFrame(const R: TRect; ALeftTopColor: TColor; ARightBottomColor: TColor; ABorders: TcxBorders = cxBordersAll; ABorderWidth: Integer = 1); virtual;


Name Type
R TRect
ALeftTopColor TColor
ARightBottomColor TColor
ABorders TcxBorders
ABorderWidth Integer


Call this procedure and pass a target rectangle as the R parameter to draw the rectangle on the canvas. Use the ALeftTopColor parameter to define the color of the left and top borders of the rectangle. The ARightBottomColor parameter sets the color of the right and bottom borders.

Use the ALineWidth optional parameter to adjust the border width (in pixels). In addition, you can use the ABorders optional parameter to draw only specific borders rather than the complete outline.

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