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.NET Framework 4.5.2+

AutoFilterColumn Methods

Provides filtering functionality for a column.
Name Description
ApplyCustomFilter(FilterValue, FilterComparisonOperator, FilterValue, FilterComparisonOperator, Boolean) Applies a custom filter based on the compound filter expression.
ApplyCustomFilter(FilterValue, FilterComparisonOperator) Applies a custom filter based on the specified filter value and comparison operator.
ApplyDynamicFilter(DynamicFilterType) Applies a dynamic filter that shows dates that fall within a specified time period or displays values that are above or below the average.
ApplyFilterCriteria(FilterValue, IList<DateGrouping>) Filters data by cell values and DateTime values.
ApplyFilterCriteria(FilterValue) Filters data by values.
ApplyFilterCriteria(IList<DateGrouping>) Filters data by a list of date and time values.
ApplyTop10Filter(Top10Type, Int32) Applies the "Top 10" filter that displays top/bottom ranked values.
Clear() Removes a filter from a specified column.
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