.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

AutoFilterColumn Members

Provides filtering functionality for a column.


Name Description
CustomFilter Provides access to a custom filter applied to values of column cells.
DynamicFilterType Gets the type of the dynamic filter applied to the current column.
FilterCriteria Gets access to an information about values and date intervals by which to filter.
FilterType Gets the type of the filter applied to the current column.
HiddenButton Gets or set a value indicating whether the AutoFilter button for the specified column should be hidden.
Top10Type Returns the filter operator of the "Top 10" filter applied to a column.
Top10Value Returns the filter value of the "Top 10" filter applied to a column.


Name Description
ApplyCustomFilter(FilterValue, FilterComparisonOperator) Applies a custom filter based on the specified filter value and comparison operator.
ApplyCustomFilter(FilterValue, FilterComparisonOperator, FilterValue, FilterComparisonOperator, Boolean) Applies a custom filter based on the compound filter expression.
ApplyDynamicFilter(DynamicFilterType) Applies a dynamic filter that shows dates that fall within a specified time period or displays values that are above or below the average.
ApplyFilterCriteria(FilterValue) Filters data by values.
ApplyFilterCriteria(FilterValue, IList<DateGrouping>) Filters data by cell values and DateTime values.
ApplyFilterCriteria(IList<DateGrouping>) Filters data by a list of date and time values.
ApplyTop10Filter(Top10Type, Int32) Applies the "Top 10" filter that displays top/bottom ranked values.
Clear() Removes a filter from a specified column.
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