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Document Properties

The rendered and ready-to-print report document.
Name Description
AutoFitToPagesWidth Specifies the number of virtual pages to fit into one physical page, so their total width is the same as the width of a physical page.
BaseOffset For internal use. Specifies the base offset point for the created document.
Bookmark Specifies the text of a root bookmark displayed in the Document Map.
BookmarkNodes Provides access to the collection of bookmarks available in the document and displayed in the Document Map of Print Preview.
CanChangePageSettings Specifies whether or not the document’s page settings can be changed.
ContentIdentity For internal use.
IsCreating Indicates whether or not the document is still being created.
IsEmpty Indicates whether or not the document has any pages.
IsLocked Indicates whether or not the current Document instance is locked.
IsModified Indicates whether or not any changes were made to the Document instance after it was created.
Name Specifies the document name.
PageCount Indicates the total number of pages within a document.
Pages Provides access to the collection of pages within the current document.
PrintingSystem Provides access to the Printing System for the current document.
RightToLeftLayout For internal use.
ScaleFactor Specifies the document’s scale factor (in fractions of 1).
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