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CsvExportOptionsEx Properties

Contains options that define how a control is exported to CSV format in data-aware export mode.
Name Description
DocumentCulture Gets or sets the export document’s culture which defines numeric and date-time data formatting settings.Only available in data-aware export mode.
EncodeExecutableContent Gets or sets whether to encode potentially dangerous content from a control or document when it is exported to a CSV file. Inherited from CsvExportOptions.
Encoding Gets or sets the encoding of the text-based file to which a report is exported. Inherited from TextExportOptionsBase.
EncodingType Gets or sets a value used to serialize the TextExportOptionsBase.Encoding property. Inherited from TextExportOptionsBase.
ExportType Gets or sets export type.
FollowReportLayout static Specifies if CSV export should follow the report layout. Inherited from CsvExportOptions.
QuoteStringsWithSeparators Gets or sets a value indicating whether a string with separators should be placed in quotation marks when a document is exported to a Text-based file. Inherited from TextExportOptionsBase.
Separator Specifies the symbol that is used to separate the text elements in the created CSV file.Only available in data-aware export mode.
TextExportMode Gets or sets a value indicating whether to use the formatting of the data fields in the bound dataset for the cells in the exported TXT, CSV, XLS or XLSX document. Inherited from TextExportOptionsBase.
UseCustomSeparator Specifies whether to use the default system or a custom separator character for CSV export. Inherited from CsvExportOptions.
WritePreamble Get or sets whether to include a sequence of bytes that specifies the encoding used in the resulting CSV file.Only available in data-aware export mode.
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