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BrickStyle Properties

Represents a report drawing style.
Name Description
BackColor Gets or sets the background color.
BorderColor Gets or sets the border color.
BorderDashStyle Specifies the dash style for the brick’s border.
BorderStyle Gets or sets the border style of a brick.
BorderWidth Gets or sets the border width.
BorderWidthSerializable Gets or sets the string value used to support serialization of the BrickStyle.BorderWidth property.
Default static Obsolete. Gets the BrickStyle object whose properties are set to their default values.
DefaultFont static Gets the default font for a brick style.
Font Gets or sets the Font used to display text.
ForeColor Gets or sets the foreground color.
IsJustified Specifies whether or not the brick’s alignment is justified.
IsTransparent Gets a value indicating whether the brick style paints a transparent brick.
Padding Gets or sets the padding values of a brick.
Sides Gets or sets a value defining which borders of the current brick are visible.
StringFormat Gets or sets a BrickStringFormat instance specifying text formatting and layout.
TextAlignment Gets or sets the alignment of the text in the brick.
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