BaseOptionsView Properties

Provides view options for vertical grid controls.
Name Description
AllowGlyphSkinning Gets or sets whether row and band icons are painted using the foreground color of these rows and bands.
AllowHtmlText Gets or sets whether row captions are formatted using HTML tags.
AutoScaleBands Gets or sets whether bands are stretched to occupy the entire control.
CategoryLevelIndentStyle Gets or sets how to draw indents for categories and row headers.
DisableSkinBorder This member supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
FixedLineWidth Gets or sets the width of fixed row dividers.
FixRowHeaderPanelWidth Gets or sets whether the width of row headers remain constant when the control's size or layout style is changed.
LevelIndent Gets or sets the horizontal indent for child rows.
MaxRowAutoHeight Gets or sets the maximum height for rows, when the row auto-height feature is enabled.
MinRowAutoHeight Gets or sets the minimum height for rows, when the row auto-height feature is enabled.
ShowButtons Gets or sets whether expand buttons are displayed within parent rows.
ShowEmptyRowImage Gets or sets whether the captions of row headers are shifted right regardless of whether an image is shown within the row header.
ShowFocusedFrame Gets or sets whether a focus frame is displayed around the focused cell.
ShowHorzLines Gets or sets whether horizontal lines are displayed.
ShowRootCategories Gets or sets whether top-level category rows are visible.
ShowRootLevelIndent Gets or sets whether root-level rows are indented.
ShowRows Gets or sets whether row headers are displayed.
ShowVertLines Gets or sets whether vertical lines are visible.
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