TreeMapItemGroupInfo(Int32, Int32, Int32, Double, Double) Constructor

Initializes a TreeMapItemGroupInfo object with the specified settings.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraTreeMap

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraTreeMap.v20.1.dll


public TreeMapItemGroupInfo(
    int groupLevel,
    int groupIndex,
    int itemIndex,
    double minValue,
    double maxValue
Public Sub New(
    groupLevel As Integer,
    groupIndex As Integer,
    itemIndex As Integer,
    minValue As Double,
    maxValue As Double


Name Type Description
groupLevel Int32

The item's parent group nesting level.

groupIndex Int32

The index of the parent group in its parent group's children collection.

itemIndex Int32

The item's index within the parent group's children collection.

minValue Double

The minimum value of the parent group's child item.

maxValue Double

The maximum value of the parent group's child item.


The Tree Map Control automatically generates this class' objects to provide required data to colorizers. Usually you should not create these objects manually.

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