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TreeMapPaletteColorizer Class

The colorizer that colors tree map items using a palette.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraTreeMap

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraTreeMap.v24.1.dll


public class TreeMapPaletteColorizer :


This colorizer colors each tree map in a new palette color.

If the TreeMapPaletteColorizer.ColorizeGroups is set to true, this colorizer colors each group using a new palette color.

For more information about colorizers, refer to the Colorizers topic.


To color TreeMap using a Palette, assign a TreeMapPaletteColorizer object to the TreeMapControl.Colorizer property. To color all group items using one color, set the TreeMapPaletteColorizer.ColorizeGroups property of the colorizer to true. To specify a palette that should be used to color items, assign an instance of the Palette derived class to the TreeMapPaletteColorizerBase.Palette property of the colorizer.

void ConfigureTreeMapColorizer() {
    treeMap.Colorizer = new TreeMapPaletteColorizer {
        ColorizeGroups = true,
        Palette = Palette.Office2016Palette


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