TreeListColumn.RowFooterSummary Property

Specifies the type of summary calculated against child nodes for every parent node in the current column.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraTreeList.Columns

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraTreeList.v20.1.dll


public SummaryItemType RowFooterSummary { get; set; }
Public Property RowFooterSummary As SummaryItemType

Property Value

Type Default Description


A SummaryItemType enumerator value.


The RowFooterSummary property defines the type of summary to calculate against column cells of child nodes, for every node that has nesting nodes. These summaries are displayed in group footers below the last child nodes in each group. You need to enable the TreeListOptionsView.ShowRowFooterSummary option to display group footers.

The summary format is determined by the TreeListColumn.RowFooterSummaryStrFormat string.

To calculate summaries against root nodes or all nodes in the Tree List control, use the TreeListColumn.SummaryFooter property.



Group footers are forcibly hidden when filtering is applied in Smart mode (see TreeListOptionsFilter.FilterMode).


The following example demonstrates how to apply a group summary to the Tree List control. The TreeListColumn.RowFooterSummary and TreeListColumn.RowFooterSummaryStrFormat properties are used to set the function type and apply formatting to summary values. The TreeListOptionsView.ShowRowFooterSummary option is enabled to display row footers.

The following image shows the result:


treeList1.OptionsView.ShowRowFooterSummary = true;
treeList1.Columns["Budget"].RowFooterSummary = SummaryItemType.Sum;
treeList1.Columns["Budget"].RowFooterSummaryStrFormat = "Budget Total {0:c}";
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