SplashScreenManager.ShowForm(Form, Type, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, SplashFormStartPosition, Point, Int32, Boolean) Method

Creates and displays a splash form (wait form or splash screen) of the specified type. For internal use.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraSplashScreen

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraEditors.v20.1.dll


public static void ShowForm(
    Form parentForm,
    Type splashFormType,
    bool useFadeIn,
    bool useFadeOut,
    bool throwExceptionIfAlreadyOpened,
    SplashFormStartPosition startPos,
    Point location,
    int pendingTime,
    bool allowUseInDT
Public Shared Sub ShowForm(
    parentForm As Form,
    splashFormType As Type,
    useFadeIn As Boolean,
    useFadeOut As Boolean,
    throwExceptionIfAlreadyOpened As Boolean,
    startPos As SplashFormStartPosition,
    location As Point,
    pendingTime As Integer,
    allowUseInDT As Boolean


Name Type Description
parentForm Form

The splash form's parent form. The wait form is centered relative to the parent. The parent form is activated when the splash form is closed. If the parent form is not specified, the manager shows the wait form over the active (top-level) form or activates the main application form.

splashFormType Type

The type of the object that specifies the splash form to be displayed. You can pass the type of a WaitForm or SplashScreen descendant.

useFadeIn Boolean

true if the manager uses a fade-in effect when it shows the splash form; otherwise, false.

useFadeOut Boolean

true if the manager uses a fade-out effect when it closes the splash form; otherwise, false.

throwExceptionIfAlreadyOpened Boolean

true to throw InvalidOperationException if another splash form is already displayed; false to suppress the exception.

startPos SplashFormStartPosition

The position where the splash form is displayed. Default to display the wait form over the parent form (the splash screen - over the active form) or in the center of the screen if the main application form is not yet displayed. Manual to specify the splash form's upper-left corner coordinates in the location parameter.

location Point

The screen coordinates of the splash form's upper-left corner (if the startPos parameter is set to Manual).

pendingTime Int32

The time delay (in milliseconds) before the splash form is displayed. If the CloseForm() method is called at this time, the splash form is not displayed.

allowUseInDT Boolean

For internal use.


This member supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

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