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DragGridEventArgs Properties

Contains data for events that allow you to customize drag-and-drop operations.
Name Description
Action Gets or sets an action that should be executed on the dragged data elements (Copy, Move, and so on).
Cursor Gets or sets the mouse pointer.
Data Gets or sets the dragged data elements.
DataRows Gets the array of data rows that correspond to the dragged grid rows.
Handled Gets or sets whether the event is handled and allows you to suppress the default action.
HitInfo Gets hit information about the visual element under the mouse pointer.
HitLocation Gets the mouse pointer location relative to the control’s upper-left corner (client coordinates).
KeyState Gets the pressed mouse buttons and keyboard modifiers.
Location Gets the mouse pointer location relative to the screen’s upper-left corner (screen coordinates).
Source Gets the source of the drag-and-drop operation.
Target Gets the target of the drag-and-drop operation.
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