GridGroupSummaryItemCollection.Add(SummaryItemType, String, GridColumn, String) Method

Creates a new group summary item with predefined settings and adds it to the end of the collection.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v21.2.dll


public virtual GridGroupSummaryItem Add(
    SummaryItemType summaryType,
    string fieldName,
    GridColumn showInColumn,
    string displayFormat


Name Type Description
summaryType SummaryItemType

A SummaryItemType enumeration value specifying the aggregation function type. This value initializes the new item’s GridSummaryItem.SummaryType property.

fieldName String

A String value specifying the name of a dataset field whose values are used for summary calculation. This value initializes the created item’s GridSummaryItem.FieldName property.

showInColumn GridColumn

A GridColumn object (or descendant) specifying the column whose footer cells should display summary values. null (Nothing in Visual Basic) to display summary values within group rows. This value initializes the created item’s GridGroupSummaryItem.ShowInGroupColumnFooter property.

displayFormat String

A String value specifying summary values formatting. This value initializes the new item’s GridSummaryItem.DisplayFormat property.


Type Description

A GridGroupSummaryItem object representing the new summary item.


If you need to add several group summary items to the collection, consider using the GridSummaryItemCollection.BeginUpdate and GridSummaryItemCollection.EndUpdate methods to prevent the collection from being updated until all required items have been added. Alternatively, you can use the GridSummaryItemCollection.AddRange method, which adds the specified summary items array.

To remove a summary item from the collection, use the GridSummaryItemCollection.Remove method.

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