GridSummaryItemCollection Class

Represents a total summary item collection.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraGrid

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v21.1.dll


public class GridSummaryItemCollection :

The following members accept/return GridSummaryItemCollection objects:


Grid Views enable you to display total summaries. To display a total summary for a column (a value of an aggregate function calculated over all rows), use the column’s GridColumn.SummaryItem property. This property exposes a GridSummaryItem object whose settings allow you to define how the summary value should be calculated and formatted. Note that Views maintain a collection of such summary items. This collection is represented by a GridSummaryItemCollection object and can be accessed via the GridSummaryItem.Collection property of an individual summary item. Note that you don’t need to use this object’s members to add or delete summary items. To customize a total summary, you only need to use a column’s GridColumn.SummaryItem property.

The GridSummaryItemCollection class serves as the base for the group summary item collection (the GridGroupSummaryItemCollection class). GridSummaryItemCollection class members that allow adding and removing individual items can actually be used only in the inherited collection. Note that the base class also declares the GridSummaryItemCollection.BeginUpdate, GridSummaryItemCollection.EndUpdate and GridSummaryItemCollection.CancelUpdate methods that enable you to perform batch modification.

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