IBaseViewController Members

An object that implements operations common to all types of documents.


Name Description
Manager Gets a DocumentManager that the current controller operates on.
View Provides access to the View that owns the current IBaseViewController.


Name Description
Activate(BaseDocument) Activates the specified document.
AddDocument(BaseDocument) Adds the specified document to a View.
Close(BaseDocument) Closes and destroys the specified document and its contents.
CloseAll() Closes all currently opened documents within the IBaseViewController.
CloseAllButThis(BaseDocument) Closes all documents except the specified document.
CloseAllDocumentsAndHosts() Closes all documents hosted in both the current View itself and all floating document containers.
Dispose() Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources. Inherited from IDisposable.
Dock(DockPanel) Docks the specified DockPanel to a View, displaying the panel as a tab.
Dock(BaseDocument) Docks the specified document to a View.
Execute(BaseViewControllerCommand, Object) Performs a simple operation within the current View.
Float(DockPanel) Makes a docked DockPanel float.
Float(BaseDocument) Makes the specified document floating.
Float(BaseDocument, Point) Makes the specified document floating at the specified location.
Float(BaseDocument, Point, Size) Makes the specified document floating at the specified location, with the specified size.
FloatAll() Undocks all tabbed Documents contained within the current View.
GetCommands(BaseDocument) This member supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
GetCommands(BaseView) Gets the commands collection owned by the target View.
GetView(BaseDocument) Gets a View that owns this Document.
RemoveDocument(BaseDocument) Removes the specified document from the BaseView.Documents collection.
ResetLayout() Resets the DocumentManager’s layout to the default state.
ShowContextMenu(BaseDocument, Point) Displays a context menu for the specified document at the specified position.
ShowContextMenu(Point) Displays a View’s context menu at the specified position.
ShowWindowsDialog() Shows a dialog with all documents currently opened within a view.
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