IBaseViewController.Execute(BaseViewControllerCommand, Object) Method

Performs a simple operation within the current View.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.Docking2010.Views

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v21.2.dll


bool Execute(
    BaseViewControllerCommand command,
    object parameter


Name Type Description
command DevExpress.XtraBars.Docking2010.Views.BaseViewControllerCommand

A BaseViewControllerCommand object that is the command to be performed.

parameter Object

An object that is the command‘s target.


Type Description

true if the command was successfully performed; otherwise, false.


The Execute method allows you to perform a standard command within a View, such as:

  • Activate - activates a target object;
  • Close - closes the current target;
  • CloseAllButThis - closes all documents except for the target;
  • CloseAll - closes all documents within the View;
  • Dock - docks the target Document or Panel;
  • Float - makes the target Document or Panel floating;
  • ResetLayout - resets the target‘s layout;
  • ShowWindowsDialog - displays the Windows Dialog (see the IBaseViewController.ShowWindowsDialog method).
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