IBaseViewController.Float(BaseDocument, Point, Size) Method

Makes the specified document floating at the specified location, with the specified size.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.Docking2010.Views

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v20.1.dll


bool Float(
    BaseDocument document,
    Point floatLocation,
    Size floatSize
Function Float(
    document As BaseDocument,
    floatLocation As Point,
    floatSize As Size
) As Boolean


Name Type Description
document BaseDocument

A BaseDocument to be made floating.

floatLocation Point

A Point where the document will be displayed floating.

floatSize Size

A Size value that specifies the floating document's size.


Type Description

true if the specified document was made floating; otherwise, false.


The Float method makes a document floating. To dock a document back to a container, use the IBaseViewController.Dock method.

The IBaseDocumentDefaultProperties.AllowFloat/IBaseDocumentProperties.AllowFloat properties allow you to prevent a document from being made floating. The IBaseDocumentDefaultProperties.AllowDock/IBaseDocumentProperties.AllowDock properties allow you to prevent a document from being docked.

To access all floating documents use the BaseView.FloatDocuments collection. Docked documents can be accessed via the BaseView.Documents collection.

By default, documents within a NativeMdiView can be dragged only within the View's bounds. These documents are considered "docked". When you make a document floating within a NativeMdiView, it can be dragged outside the View. To "dock" a document back to a NativeMdiView, so it can be dragged only within the View's bounds, call the IBaseViewController.Dock method.

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